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Website Content Personalization To Boost Conversions

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Having everyone who visits your website see the identical page content is not helping your lead nurturing efforts and you know it. In today's hyper-competitive market, increasing conversion rates are the most effective way to improve overall sales and improved client engagement. One of the most impactful strategies for boosting conversions that is often overlooked is website personalization.

Content personalization allows you to serve different content to strangers compared to leads in the bottom of your funnel who revisit your website. By making each customer experience more unique, relevant, and focused, we can increase the chances that a visit will lead to a conversion.

While dynamic personalization used to be out of reach for all but the largest brands and agencies, nearly anyone can add a personal touch to a visitor's website experience and reap the increased conversion rate that comes with it.

The technology is now widely available, and now it is a matter of thinking creatively about the best way to deliver dynamic content that speaks directly to our potential customers and leads them toward a buying decision.

Here are some techniques that you or your business can implement right away to begin taking advantage of the power of content personalization.

Dynamic Calls to Action

Not everyone who visits your website is the same. Visitors may range from first-time people just taking a look around to regular customers considering an additional purchase. Your preferred call to action for each potential customer is likely to be unique and directly related to your sales funnel.

For a first-time visitor, the call may be signing up for a newsletter. For a returning potential customer, who hasn't made a purchase yet, the call could be to downloading a free trial. This pattern should continue through all levels of the sales funnel.

Personalized Recommendations

Amazon and Netflix made data-driven, personalized recommendations a central part of their growth strategies. Since they joined other companies in the heavy lifting of developing methods and algorithms, this type of dynamic personalization is available for businesses of all sizes. And this personalization strategy is not only for pure eCommerce sites.

By personalizing persona-driven content based on a particular lifecycle stage or geographic location, businesses of all types can help draw potential customers deeper into the sales funnel by recommending more relevant content or next steps for the buyer journey.


Intelligent Pop-Ups

One of the easiest to implement strategies for content personalization may be the intelligent pop-up. While there is no end to the possibilities available through further customization, these can be easily set up based on easy to obtain user data without the need for users to sign up for an account or extensive and complex cookie use.

A business wishing to take a first step into website content personalization could set up a pop-up to greet new visitors and only new visitors. This pop-up could include a call to action designed to get the visitor to complete the first step in the sales funnel such as signing up for a newsletter.

Return visitors would not be bothered by this pop-up that might be irrelevant to them.

No Limits

Through the use of cookies, ad servers, CMS, and basic artificial intelligence, there is no limit to the possibilities of using website content personalization to boost conversions. From basic pop-ups to fully automated dynamic recommendations, consumers are now expecting a web experience tailored to their needs and preferences.

If you can meet or exceed those expectations, you may witness a considerable boost in your conversion rates, sales, and profits.

We love scaling inbound marketing programs in support of boosting lead conversion and ultimately driving profitable customer activations. Let’s talk and see how we can boost your marketing ROI and increase revenue.

Chris Leach

Digital marketing professional with 19-years of tested experience balanced in strategic planning and scaling ROI for lead generation, customer acquisition and client engagement programs. Since starting 310 Creative in 2003, I have had grown it into a Diamond Tier HubSpot® Partner ranked in the top 1% of all HubSpot® partners worldwide and serving as an extension of marketing teams of large brands such as Live Nation and Universal Music Group to help scale marketing and lead generation partnership campaigns for Verizon, Best Buy, AT&T and EMI.

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