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inbound marketing agency approach
Value ~3 year tenure ~6 year tenure ~10+ year tenure
Experience ~3 year tenure ~6 year tenure ~10+ year tenure
Approach Adopting internal SOP's Rigid waterfall model Outcome Oriented
Compensation $80k+ salary & benefits $80+ hourly $5k - $20k p/m
Communication Real-time Primarily email Zoom, Slack & Email
Responsibility No SOW required Complex tactical SOW process Focused on outcomes
Technology No technology platform No technology platform HubSpot or Salesforce
Compensation Incentives based on fixed salary Incentives based on hours charged Performance-based partnership
Expertise Limited to persons' skill set Limited to persons' skill set Team of niche specialists
Engagement W-2 Salary 1099 Contractor Performance-Based
b2b demand generation

Demand Generation

This stage focuses on targeting and attracting targeted prospects into the top of your funnel (TOFU) with useful content.

The attract step of the inbound marketing process centers around getting pertinent website content in front of the appropriate eyeballs within your ideal buyer personas. This processes revolves around educating and helping…not selling.

Attracting new B2B marketing qualified leads starts with understanding your ideal buyer personas and buyer profiles, then creating content that resonates with their respective pain points.

Once you understand who they are, you can start tailoring your messages to their unique needs, timeline, wants, desires, and challenges. You can focus your time and effort on engaging them in the digital channels they prefer.

b2b sales strategies

Customer Acquisition

This stage focuses on moving customer from the middle of the funnel (MOFU) down into the bottom of your funnel (BOFU.)

The Convert phase of the inbound process moves persona-driven website visitors into qualified marketing leads by enable buyers to engage with you on their preferred timeline and marketing channels. Once you have attracted a visitor to your website, your next goal is to understand who they are.

By collecting their contact information in exchange for valuable online resources, tools or information, you can begin segmenting and nurturing. Providing valuable content at each stage of their buyers journey to nurture trust is essential Enable buyers to engage with you on their preferred timeline and channels.

inbound service strategies

Customer Engagement

What sets us apart from other inbound marketing agencies.

The delight stage of the inbound process is important because it turns customers into promoters who will recommend your business to colleagues, business partners, friends and family. Inbound marketing are even more vital for client engagement to keep customers happy and minimizing your client attrition rate.

Just as a physician continues with follow up appointments and checkups, so should your marketing efforts continue to deliver a great experience. Generating positive feelings towards your medical practice will help inspire your clients to become brand advocates for your organization – both online and offline

Marketing efforts in this phase can include:

  • Leverage Surveys For Valuable Insight
  • Smart Content In Conversion Funnels
  • Social Media Customer Monitoring
  • Social Media Competitor Monitoring
b2b lifecycle marketing strategies

Lifecycle Approach

This stage focuses on moving customer from the bottom of your funnel (BOFU) into a profitable customer acquisition and activation.

The Close stage of the inbound process is the final stage of the buyer’s journey, moving the lead through the bottom of your sales funnel and into a paying customer. We help your company send nurturing emails to the right people at the right time by segmenting your audience by buyer persona.  By incorporating relevant, engaging, and clear calls to action, your company can welcome this new customer into becoming a happy customer, instead of just closing deals.

Marketing efforts in this phase can include:

  • Optimizing Lead Nurturing Workflow Performance
  • Leverage CRM and SaaS Platform Integration
  • Persona-Driven Reporting & Intelligence
b2b sales agency approach

Need Better Performing Marketing ROI?

Engagement Models

Full-funnel quarterly cycles aligning objectives for all revenue teams.

With our inbound specialists serving as an extension of your team, we’ll help refine your brand experience and customer acquisition approach with persona-driven content, powerful engagement tools, and a strategic local-to-national approach. We’re trusted by companies in the retail industries because of our years of experience, reputation of delivering scalable results, and success stories of increasing ROI.

Outside of HubSot onboarding projects, we are only considering:

  • Sales process optimization & sales playbook creation
  • Target account-based marketing campaigns
  • Quarterly demand generation (marketing) campaigns
  • Quarterly customer acquisition (sales) campaigns
  • Quarterly website conversion optimization campaigns
  • Marketing, sales & service team alignment workshops
  • HubSpot onboarding, implementation & training

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