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Industry Approach

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As a longtime partner of some of the largest entertainment and media companies, we’ve witnessed the industry’s evolution. The development of technology has altered the way customers expect to engage with your brand. We deliver effective strategies to boost engagement on all platforms and get your name in front of the right audiences. 

Our consultants help you stay top-of-mind, by maintaining your presence on every smartphone and computer screen. 

  • Modernize your approach to reach new audiences 
  • Develop innovative strategies for engagement 
  • Focus your marketing and sales efforts
  • Augment and scale your growth
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Industry KPI’s

See How We Measure Success

We partner with L.A. based entertainment and media companies to implement compelling and measurable campaign ideations and measurable marketing strategies. Our experts provide your marketing and sales teams with an inside look into how your engagement tools are performing. We help you stay ahead of the trends by tracking and evaluating your most relevant KPIs. 

Below are common metrics to measure performance and success:

  • Tune-In & Engagement
  • Open Weekend Box Office
  • Nielsen Total Audience Rating
  • Share & Sentiment of Voice
  • Memberships & Subscribers
  • Sponsorship Value
  • Media Impressions
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Ineffective Digital Marketing?

Industry Expertise

We Love Launching & Scaling Entertainment Campaigns

Our experienced strategists will refine and package messaging to reach ideal audiences on any device. In the technologically advanced landscape of the world today, we pave the way for you to engage your customers and motivate them to become active promoters of your brand. 


  • Apps Games & Digital Products
  • Multi-Screen Platform Design
  • Social Viewing Experiences
  • Content Strategy & Development
  • Content Management Systems
  • Digital Rights Management
  • Sponsored Ad Products
  • Platform Security & Maintenance
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Engagement Models

See How We Can Help Your Brand Scale

As your partner, we’ll open the door to new possibilities in the constantly changing entertainment industry. We’ll help you leverage new strategies to expand your brand’s demographic reach, personalize your approach and scale your revenue growth.

Below are engagement models for your industry. 

  • Customer Acquisition Campaigns
  • Project-Based Development & Integrations
  • Accelerated Engagements
  • Agile Retainer Engagements
  • HubSpot Onboarding & training

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