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Afraid of the time and money it will take to redesign your website?

GDD vs Traditional

Choose a smarter and more cost efficient way to redesign

Growth driven design, or GDD, is a type of website redesign that allows you to focus on the most impactful aspects of your site and improve them. Traditional web redesign can stunt the growth of your business by taking valuable time away from your marketing team and wasting money simultaneously.
GDD is a way for you to spend your time and money more wisely. Growth drive design works to:
  • Minimizes risks of wasted time and money
  • Allows for continuous growth and learning opportunities
  • Evaluate user insights with marketing and sales
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Phase 1


Pinpoint the areas in need of improvement

Instead of basing your website redesign off of your own opinions and intuition, GDD starts by evaluating what your customers are searching for and what problems they are looking to solve. This strategy involves analysis of the following:
  • Personas
  • Journey mapping
  • UI/UX study
  • Creating a wishlist
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Phase 2

Launch Pad

Launch, measure, and optimize

The next phase of your GDD strategy is to go live with a launchpad version of your website. With this initial test run, you are able to analyze further the performance, look and feel of the site and continue to improve the targeted persona driven experience for optimal conversion rates. The launchpad works to track the behavior of visitors on your page to increase amount of traffic converting into leaf form submissions.

  • 80/20 Analysis
  • Page Planning
  • Page Migrations
  • Quality assurance and testing
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Phase 3

Continuous growth and improvement

Evaluate, improve, optimize...then rinse and repeat

A website powered by growth-driven design allows you to adequately evaluate user insights, make adjustments that make sense for the user experience, and create data-driven content that brings the right audience to your website and converts them into qualified leads.

  • Site bounce rate
  • Time visitors spent on site
  • Page views per session
  • Google Analytics user flow
  • Landing page and call-to-action conversion rates

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