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We help align your B2B sales processes with the modern buyer’s journey.

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Agile Revenue Operations

Align Your Sales Processes with the Modern B2B Buyer’s Journey.

An effective B2B sales strategy prioritizes selling the way you would want to buy or partner with a service provider. Our demand generation approach helps start new sales conversations with high quality leads sales qualified leads where they are in the buyer's journey and guiding them through the decision-making process as trusted advisors and sales experts, rather than rushing to close a sale.

Below are areas we see even high-growth b2b teams need help:

  • Playbook for strategic target account selling processes
  • Refining messaging for playbooks, industries & personas
  • Refine sales sequences and funnel process automation
  • Sales enablement asset & comparison enablement assets
  • Mapping in lead management across buyer's journey
  • Deeper visibility pipeline velocity and revenue operations

Is your sales playbook messaging not closing enough deals?

Sales Playbook Messaging

Guide the customer powerfully through the sales journey.

Persona-driven sale funnel content mapped to each respective deal stage offers an highly personalized customer acquisition approach for target market, and company size. This sales cycle posturing further develops trust when advising prospects on the best solution for achieving sales cycle velocity, revenue objectives and key results.

Below are some of the most effective sales pipeline content:

  • Competitive messaging landscape analysis
  • Buyer's journey content map for each deal stage
  • Competitor comparison pages & internal battle cards
  • Sharable cost savings ROI calculator or cost estimator
  • Value-Based use cases based on industries or buying roles
  • Customer success stories & featured case studies

Lack of sales pipeline velocity and forecasting accuracy?

B2B Sales Agency & Process

Increase sales pipeline forecasting, visibility and velocity.

We help high-growth sales development teams to further remove silos to further align revenue teams. Our B2B demand generation approach across the B2B buyer's journey anchors deeper re-level accountability to both the stated growth objectives, business goals and revenue goals.

Ways we help scale systems and processes for B2B sales teams:

  • Playbook Positioning Units With Dependent Message Modules
  • Multi-Touch Revenue Attribution & Customer Journey Analytics
  • Predictive Lead Scoring & ICP tier qualification
  • Lead Data Hygiene, Lead Assignment & Chain of Custody Mapping
  • Refine Fit Matrix For Ideal Customer Profile & Buyer Personas
  • Reduce friction in sales to customer success handoff
  • Automation from behavioral triggers & event-based tracking
Align Messaging With Content

Playbook lacking personalized deal stage messaging?

Connect & Nurture Leads

Sales pipeline content marketing across your buyer's journey.

Cold calling alone is dead. The modern B2B buyer's journey still requires appropriate sales playbook framework, sales-ready messaging and positioning, sales enablement and a scalable sales stack. We work with decision makers in your sales and marketing leadership to create pertinent and personalized funnel messaging for each deal stage.

Below are ways we support revenue operations with funnel content:

  • Sales-ready messaging continuity across sales funnel asset library
  • Mapping messaging for ideal customer profile & buyer personas
  • Funnel data hygiene automation and sales teams email sequences
  • Sales enablement asset creation & thought leadership content
  • Competitor comparison pages, battle cards & rate cards

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