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B2B demand generation strategy
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Pipeline Generation Strategy

Alignment with sales-ready messaging and content marketing

B2B buyers seeking your services need what you offer, but hate to be sold. They want to feel valued. B2B demand generation has transformed over the last few years from just a process of sparking interest and developing a sale to the early steps of having a meaningful relationship with a customer that will grow your business.

Generating a lead starts with creating captivating content that paints a picture that your company is the leader of your industry. Calls to action that follow the “give before you ask” rule help you avoid losing leads to their fear of being spammed the moment they read “Sign Up Here”.
  • Free white papers
  • Free webinars and training videos
  • Free eBooks
  • Free trial
  • Landing pages
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Lead Nurturing Strategy

Build lasting relationships with your customers

Nurturing the lead is the next step of building trust and a solid bond between your brand and the customer. This part of the B2B lead nurturing process should be ongoing throughout the buyer’s journey, as you want this tiny bud of a lead to grow into a beautiful flower that attracts other bees and brings all that honey back to your business. In order to build the buzz, you must create compelling content that expands over the many channels your leads now have access to today

  • Targeted content
  • Multi-channel outreach
  • Multiple touches
  • Helpful follow-ups
  • Personalized emails
  • Lead Scoring
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Lead Scoring & Qualification

Boost efficiency by measuring the value of each lead

Once your business has begun generating more leads, it’s crucial to measure the priority levels of those leads. Lead scoring is a useful system that shows your team where your prospective customers are in their sales cycle and allows them to rank their “value”. With this system in mind, your teams can work smarter and increase conversion rates.


  • Know when to handoff leads from marketing to sales
  • Know which leads need more nurturing 
  • Identify leads that are ready to make a decision 
  • Save your sales and marketing teams valuable time
Lacking alignment between marketing and sales teams?


Deliver highly qualified leads and maintain centralized goals

Understanding the difference between a marketing qualified lead (MQL) and a sales qualified lead (SQL) is a crucial aspect in keeping the goals of your teams aligned. We can ensure both your sales and marketing teams are equipped with the skills they need to engage with each type of lead.


  • Closed loop reporting
  • Demographic 
  • Company information
  • Online behaviors
  • Email and social media engagement
Lead Scoring Guide to MQL vs. SQL


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