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Top 10 Reasons to Hire a Local Creative Agency

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Working with inbound marketing agencies

Below are compelling positions on why your company should outsource your marketing instead of paying five figures a month to an in-house CMO who will, in a lot of cases, plan and delegate to staff and vendors.


There are various factors that are important to consider when looking at a local creative agency in Santa Monica, including services menus, business models, values, and employees. Understanding your company's needs and what you're looking for in a creative agency can help determine the type of creative agency in Santa Monica that works best for you.

According to research done in 2016, 44 percent of companies are using digital marketing with no plan in place. Ineffective and blind marketing is one of the reasons you need to hire a local creative agency in Santa Monica.

Local creative agencies in Santa Monica are very dynamic and offer a range of design, strategy, advertising, and technology services. Santa Monica creative agencies are composed of creative professionals (like art directors, software engineers, copywriters, and designers), and they're defined by strong values about how branding and marketing work.

Below are 10 reasons your company needs to hire a local Santa Monica creative agency.

1. Flexibility

When hiring a local creative agency in Santa Monica, your company only pays for the design work that you need. Your company decides what the scope of the project entails, and once your goals are accomplished, that’s it. You’re not stuck paying for an employee you don’t need.

2. A Fresh Perspective

There’s a saying about old dogs and new tricks. If your company isn't getting results with your current team, telling the creative agency to think harder isn’t going to do you much good. Many companies benefit from the fresh perspective brought in by outside creatives. Several additional minds, experienced in many different aspects of marketing, can offer new insight into the situation in which your company finds itself.

3. Versatility

Hiring a team of experts in a variety of fields allows your company access to competence in a variety of areas. It takes at least 10,000 hours to become an expert in something, and marketing skills (especially if they have anything to do with computers) become obsolete quickly, due to the rapidly changing environment. If your company wants a great website, a gorgeous logo, tight code, and effective copy, you’re going to need a team working on it.

4. Experience

A good creative agency in Santa Monica is able to offer great advice for a simple reason: creative agencies have done this before, and they know what steps will be effective. Creative agencies in Santa Monica work with many clients, so chances are that a local creative agency that you choose has already helped someone in a very similar situation to yours. While some aspects of business are beyond anyone’s control (just ask an umbrella manufacturer when there’s a heat wave), sound advice and experience are invaluable in the pursuit of success.

5. Less Risk, More Reward

One day, you may wake up and realize that your company needs to up its marketing game. But the modern world of marketing is a complex place. Hiring a local creative agency in Santa Monica is one proven way to steer your brand toward marketing success with less risk. Also, hiring a local creative agency gives you a lot of flexibility to manage the workload as project budgets and/or satisfaction with the creative agency team fluctuates.

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6. Fresh Approach

Overcoming a marketing problem often requires fresh perspective. Hiring people who aren’t "drinking your Kool-Aid" is a great way to get that breath of fresh air. Creative agencies in Santa Monica exist to identify and pursue market opportunities that your company may have missed. Santa Monica creative agencies learn about your brand from the outside in, devising new ways to reach your customers. Are you feeling constrained by your current marketing formula? Break your brand free with a creative agency’s guidance.

7. Skillful Execution

Whether you work for a manufacturer, a consulting firm, or an IT provider, your company excels at its core capabilities. The core capabilities of a creative agency are to think and execute on its clients’ behalf. More reputable creative agencies not only plan the appropriate approach, but they also execute on the creative and tactical components. The larger Los Angeles creative agencies already have proven processes in place that allow an engagement to run like a well-oiled machine. From a productivity perspective, it makes sense to partner with the professionals instead of hammering it out on your own. Unless you, and your boss, happen to love inefficiency.

8. Delivery of Consistency

A professional digital creative agency in Santa Monica has the tools, skills, and services needed to keep your brand consistent throughout every aspect of your business. This consistency can only be accomplished by dealing with the same design team that takes pride in knowing your brand almost as well as you. Having a local Santa Monica Web design agency on call is almost like having your own creative department, except you don’t have to organize its coffee breaks and holiday schedules.

9. Return on Investment

The old saying "You can’t judge a book by its cover" is wrong. Scroll through any online book retailer and you'll see that the books with the most eye-catching covers get the sales. This phenomenon is not a fluke, and the reason for it is that the passion of creative, talented individuals shines through. Your brand needs to have this eye-catching appeal to compete in the crowded marketplace. Regardless of your industry, if you want to gain the attention of potential buyers at the right stage of their buyer's journey, you need to stand head and shoulders above the crowd.

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10. Quality UI/UX Design

Many local companies hire Web designers online and end up having a bad experience. Ideally, you want to work with a local Santa Monica Web design agency that you can sit down with in person in order to ensure your website redesign has the appropriate UI/UX designed and implemented.

Agile business owners will find that tools don’t mean that just anyone is a creative designer who lacks experience in the realms of strategy, position, and messaging. So before you entrust your company's precious reputation to a friend who knows Photoshop, you may wish to consider the long-term branding implications.


Hiring the best creative agency Santa Monica offers comes with a lot of benefits and advantages that lead to increased lead conversions and customer activations. All these benefits give you several reasons for hiring a creative agency in Santa Monica that will work according to your company's needs and will boost the productivity of your website. Hence, get the best creative agency in Santa Monica hired for your website to increase your growth.


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