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Inbound leads not hitting aggressive revenue targets?

Target Account Selling

Deliver personalized buyer experiences to the right people

For your buying process to effectively use target account selling requires agile multichannel sales playbooks that ultimately start more qualified sales conversations without referrals in inbound channels that are hyper-personalized across hundreds of niche outbound campaigns mapped across your buyer's journey.

We help customers launch target accounts sales campaigns to leverage: 

  • Personalized sales enablement content for your ideal customer profile

  • Personalized messaging for mapped stakeholders

  • Quicker sales processes cycles for highly qualified accounts
  • Measure and optimize outbound channels, messaging and cadence

  • Highly personalized mapped stakeholder and decision maker buying experiences
Targeted account sales strategy

Seeking a more effective way to position and sell?

Account-Based Sales Funnel

Target account selling methodology outperforms inbound channels

A successful target account selling strategy entails aligning sales and marketing teams and their methodology, sale processes, data and software to appropriately vet high-value target account list.

Resulting in building relationships between sales rep, marketing team and decision making customer personas,  ultimately increasing conversion rates and improving customer experience. 

We help our B2B clients leverage account-based selling for:

  • CRM visibility of prospect activity velocity

  • Target account forecasting accuracy and pipeline velocity

  • Personalized website and email messaging across buyer's journey

  • Sales-ready messaging alignment across multiple decision makers 

  • Intent data associated with stakeholders and Key Decision makers
Targeted account sales agency

How does TAS coexist with your current strategy?

TAS and Inbound Marketing

Combine strategies to maximize results

Inbound marketing and target account selling TAS strategy are different but complement each other. We help your sales reps incorporate sale strategies into your account based business objectives to convert more efficient leads into potential customers.

We help your B2B sales teams start more sales conversations to:

  • Identify potential buyer personas from inbound-driven qualified leads
  • Align sales-ready messaging for outbound and inbound playbooks
  • Strengthen sales cycles and refine your sales methodology
  • Leverage omnichannel approach to drive more sales opportunities
  • Personalize sales enablement assets mapped to each stakeholder 
  • Build long-lasting relationships with buyers over time
Targeted Account ROI

Ongoing Support and Continuous Optimization

ROI of Target Account Selling

Maximize your TAS efforts with our expertise

Elevate your target account selling efforts and accelerate your HubSpot ROI with our guidance and expertise. We help our clients put inbound and account based marketing and sales strategies into action and continuously optimize sales cycle to ensure that they are achieving their sales goals and increasing market share.

Our enterprise clients receive a lifetime value through sales team training upgrading them into sales professionals to conduct market research and target buyer persona from target market and identify their pain points resulting in a quicker and more efficient sales process and high ROI.


  • Strategy: Goal setting, KPI development, Account selection, Target accounts, SLAs
  • Content: Executive thought leadership, Account-based landing and pillar pages
  • Technology Implementation: HubSpot CRM configuration and onboarding, Account based intelligence, Integration with other tools
  • Campaign Management: Email ad campaigns, Paid Advertising, 

Inbound efforts Not Meeting Revenue Targets?

Target Account Sales Assessment

We help build scalable account-based sales campaigns to create predictable and repeatable streams of new leads, customers and revenue through personalized B2B buying experiences.

Target Account Sales Playbook