Targeted Account Selling Expertise

Target Account Sales

We help ambitious businesses get an unfair advantage against competitors with high touch target account selling.

Target Account Selling

Directly target wholly new buyers and markets by delivering personalized buyer experience.

We use repeatable, daily outbound sales processes to provide a steady stream of good-fit sales opportunities with target account selling.

We help customers launch target accounts sales campaigns to leverage:

  • Personalized sales enablement content for your ideal customer profile
  • Personalized messaging for mapped stakeholders
  • Quicker sales processes cycles for highly qualified accounts
  • Measure and optimize outbound channels, messaging and cadence
  • Highly personalized mapped stakeholder and decision maker buying experiences
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Why Target Account Sales Works

Implementing a Target Account Selling (TAS) strategy offers numerous advantages that can significantly impact your sales success.

Our campaigns are so successful because we help brands:

  • Build trust with leads through deeper relationships and personalized solutions
  • Streamline and accelerate the sales cycle by focusing only on accounts that align with ideal customer
  • Increase marketing penetration by concentrating on key accounts that have a higher likelihood of converting
  • Reduce churn by focusing only on quality opportunities and targeted accounts

How We Scale Brands with Target Account Selling

In order to maximize your sales success and drive growth, it's crucial to adopt a strategic approach when targeting key accounts.

Target Account Selling (TAS) is a proven methodology that enables you to focus your efforts on the most promising prospects.

We help create optimize the sales process and increase conversion rates through our proven target account selling process:

  • Build Ideal Customer Profile (ICP). This will help us define who is most likely to benefit from your products or services, which will help us create a highly efficient target account selling campaign.
  • Create Buyer Personas. We’ll dive deep and figure out your ICPs goals, pain points, challenges, and preferences to create hyper targeted sales messaging.
  • Develop a Target Account Selling List. We’ll create a list of high potential accounts through in depth research and analysis
  • Highly Targeted Lead Generation. We’ll create and implement orchestrated outbound campaigns to connect you with key decision makers who want your product or service.
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Ongoing Support and Continuous Optimization

ROI of Target Account Selling Approach

Maximize your TAS efforts with our expertise

In today's economic climate, it’s more important than ever to make every dollar count.

We help our clients continuously optimize the sales cycle to ensure that they are achieving their sales goals and increasing market share through concentrated efforts in:

  • Strategy: Goal setting, KPI development, Account selection, Target accounts, SLAs
  • Content: Executive thought leadership, Account-based landing and pillar pages
  • Technology Implementation: HubSpot CRM configuration and onboarding, Account based intelligence, Integration with other tools
  • Campaign Management: Email ad campaigns, Paid Advertising

Inbound efforts Not Meeting Revenue Targets?

Target Account Sales Assessment

We help build scalable account-based sales campaigns to create predictable and repeatable streams of new leads, customers and revenue through personalized B2B buying experiences.

Target Account Sales Playbook