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10 Benefits of Hiring Local B2B Web Designers

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Guide to working with a Santa Monica Web design agency

Below are compelling reasons why your company should work with a local Web design agency in Santa Monica that you can sit down with in person to ensure progress, time frame, and a successful website redesign process.


How many leads is your website generating each month? Redesigning your website is critical in order to turn your website into a lead-generation tool that helps you drive more revenue.

Your company is only as successful as your customers make it. Rule number one for companies throughout Los Angeles that are already successful and want to continue growing inbound leads all the way to the top is that you first need to capture your target market's interest and nurture through the buyer's journey. How do you do this? Well, today with the help of Internet marketing, social media marketing, and search engine optimization, companies can gain and retain the interest of the target audience easily.

This is the reason a website has become an indispensable tool for businesses that have an online presence. However, a website that isn't user-friendly, visually appealing, and organized can drive away visitors faster than a blink of an eye. So, isn't it time you took a second look at your current website? If you're looking for reasons to rework your website to increase conversion, here are some.

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1. Poor Lead-Conversion Approach

How many leads does your company's website generate each month? How often are you developing new bottom-of-the-funnel content to generate more leads? If you can't quickly answer these basic questions about leads generated by your company's website, then it's way past time to redesign your website. Instead of throwing darts hiring freelance contractors or having a family member or friend help, do yourself a huge favor and partner with local Santa Monica Web design experts who build marketing websites for a living. Times are changing, and your company needs to move away from posting general information you would put into a bulk-printed brochure and start creating a user experience that helps turn website visitors into leads.

2. Outdated Website Programming

Web design technologies keep advancing quickly, to say the least. These days, small businesses will reply on open-source content management systems such as WordPress because it gives them a quick, basic, and respectable online presence. Having an online presence and generating local leads online are two different paradigms. Once businesses are ready to increase more leads from their website, blog, and social media channels, they can quickly see they need to take their digital marketing approach to the next level by starting to leverage a content optimization system like HubSpot.

3. The Results You Desire Seem So Far Away

If your company isn't getting the results you want, like an increase in traffic to your website or a build-up of your customer base, then the time is perfect to redesign your existing website.

4. Your Competition Has Changed Their Websites

In such a case, it may be a good idea for your company to make a few changes as well by a local Santa Monica Web design company that can sit down in person with your team and craft the appropriate messaging that'll better convert website visitors into customers. This is even more necessary if your competitors' modifications are resulting in increased traffic to their websites and capturing your prospective customers.

5. Your Website Isn't Mobile-Friendly

Today, consumers are constantly on the move and research the products and/or services they're interested in, and they do this primarily on their cellphones. If your company website isn't mobile-friendly and takes a long time to open, your customers will lose interest and will move on to your competitors' sites.

6. Your Website Hasn't Been Search Engine Optimized

Have you researched which keywords and search phrases your competitors are ranking for? Have you implemented a keyword strategy to serve as a roadmap to rank for the same search phrases that your competitors rank for? Most likely, the answer to both questions is no. With the right approach and guidance, your website pages and blog pages can be optimized to ensure search engine ranking improvements.

7. Change in Marketing Strategy Approach

For a business in Santa Monica to survive and grow in this competitive market, frequent modifications in its marketing strategy are required. You need to ensure your company website reflects these changes in your marketing strategy.

8. Incorporation of a Better Content Strategy

Are your customers able to easily access content on your website? If the answer is no, your company should be prepared to make major changes to your content strategy. In doing this, a Web redesign that integrates growth-driven design methodologies will be crucial to converting more website visitors into qualified leads.

9. Your Current Web Structure Isn't Scalable

This stops you from being able to add more pages as your company's products and/or services grow, and you'll be unable to add more content, in an attempt to generate more sales. This is where a top local Santa Monica Web design agency can step in and implement growth-driven design in support of larger inbound marketing objectives.

10. Outdated 3rd-Party or SaaS Tools

Some of the newer tools such as Zapier can empower a handful of automated tasks and save you a lot of time and money. If your company's website uses third-party tools like shopping cart widgets, which are meant to improve the functionality of the site, you need to ensure these third-party tools are working effectively. Otherwise, a website redesign is in order, along with a change of tools.

These reasons should quickly convince your company why it's time to redesign your company's current website to attract more customers. As pointed out above, partnering with a local Santa Monica Web design agency that you can sit down with in person is the best way to ensure your company is planning and redesigning your website.

Tips to Hiring the Right Web Design Agency

If you want to have your own site for your business in Santa Monica and attract customers, the first step is to hire a Santa Monica website design company that will offer bespoke services. Here are some tips that you can follow when you're choosing a proficient website design agency in Santa Monica.

Look at its website. Are you satisfied with the look and feel of its design? If a Web design agency in Santa Monica can't design a nice and marketable website for its own business, it can't be trusted to improve and optimize your company's online branding and marketing.

Look at its portfolio. A good Web design agency in Santa Monica should have its portfolio available for your company to view. Try to look for a client of that agency in the same industry as you and see how the agency designed the website for that client.

Look for testimonials. Look for a design agency that displays clients' testimonials on its website. A Web design agency in Santa Monica with good testimonials is a good sign.

Ask the agency what it thinks about a website. Does it think that the most important element of a website is the design? Or does it think that the objective of a website is to be marketable and engaging? You must make sure that the agency's thoughts are aligned with yours.

Ask for a quote right away. Request that any prospective Santa Monica Web design firm that your company is interviewing give you a competitive quote within a few days in order to test its ability to act on its feet and do what it says it'll do. Does it charge a flat rate or hourly? Ideally, your company should always insist on a flat-rate cost. Is the agency more a full-service digital agency or a dev shop? It's critical to know the breakdown of the cost prior to commencing any work with that local Web design firm or digital agency.

A huge component to your inbound marketing strategy is figuring out the appropriate method to create and deploy lead-generating content integrated into your company's website. Often companies are too focused on getting the site launched, and they don’t think about incorporating lead-generation elements into their site outside of a general contact page.

If your company is unsure of how to get started with website redesign, or if the task ahead of you seems too daunting, your company can get the services of a good responsive Web design agency in Santa Monica to do the job. The money you invest in hiring a well-known agency that specializes in the best Web design Santa Monica has to offer will be well worth the cost to increase qualified lead conversions. It's good to keep up with changing trendsespecially with regard to your company website and the technology that fuels it!


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